Life is short….don’t waste a minute

My mom called me the other night with sad news of a friend’s husband’s death. When I got off the phone with her I began to think of how awful her friend must feel. The love of your life has just passed in your arms, the person who you have been with for years and years, and now at this stage in your life this is where you need your spouse the most. She has to move on and start a new life. Change is one of the hardest things to do. Now she has to figure out what her next move is? I thought of this and how scared she must feel right now. Everything has just been ripped away from her. What now?? She will never “move on” 100 percent. She will have to begin her new life as a new person. She will have to decide how she will handle this and what the best is for her.


We are all scared of changes. Scared of what is to come. Good or bad the changes make us who we are. So we fight through the changes so that we can get to a better life. We never know when our time is. It could be today, next week, 8 years from now. We need to change ourselves to be better people. We need to love more, laugh more, and just have a more joyful and peaceful life. We need to take time for ourselves and create time with God for this to happen. When we pass we want people to remember us for our cheerful expressions, our kind words, humor, joy, kindness, and peacefulness.


Don’t waste a minute being sad, lonely, depressed, mad, bitter, and jealous because you wouldn’t want your last-minute on earth having those feelings. You want to live your life to the fullest. Go take advantage of today and make it the best day of your life! Enjoy those giggles from your 4 years old, enjoy the peaceful stillness of your time in prayer, enjoy a good book with a hot cup of coffee, and hold that one you love very close. These moments are what make life grand!


One thought on “Life is short….don’t waste a minute

  1. It is really sad that sometimes it takes the death of a friend or loved one to really put life in perspective! We spend years taking our mortality for granted! You are right! We should live each and every day with joy and love of life!

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