Find a new HEALTHY addiction

I was talking with my mom the other day and she made a very good point which I thought I would share. She has had trouble with eating over the years. She has been trying the past 12 years to keep it in check and watch her calories but she struggles with it every day. Please keep in mind she has a thyroid problem which makes hunger hard to control. She tried to replace food with shopping. She would get out of the house and go places so she wouldn’t think of food. (I have no problem with her shopping because she tends to buy me super cute things sometimes on her adventures OH and let’s get this straight; she is shopping at Marshalls, TJ Max, etc…  Not Saks Fifth, ha!) Anyways she has realized that she replaced her food addiction with a shopping addiction, which is not good either! It is okay to shop but she realized she doesn’t need to fix her addiction with another unhealthy addiction. She needs to fix it with a HEALTHY addiction! So her new addiction is working out, reading motivating books/devotionals, and an overall addiction to being a better person! When I called she happened to be reading a book that was very organic and natural, a yogi type book! I giggled when she told me but was very happy to hear that! She is beginning to be a little yogi! She has always been in her heart but it is now beginning to live it a little more. She is doing her stretches with Pilates and yoga, she is walking, reading inspiring books and devotionals and trying to make life as calm and as spiritual as possible! I applaud her and would love to live this way! I try to remember what really matters in life.

Now at the same time it isn’t good to be so addicted that harm comes out of it! So if you are addicted to exercise and nutrition so much that your body and mind are suffering you need to take a step back! But her “new” addiction is a good one! This is going to make her a better person overall! She is not only doing good for herself but she is also doing good for others. People will see how she lives and try to replicate some of her lifestyle. I believe this addiction will be the last of the addictions for her! I think she has finally found the addiction that is a good one and will make a true difference in her life.

So go out today and find a new HEALTHY addiction! There are lots of healthy addictions (God, community, writing, creating, healthy cooking, exercise, meditation, books, prayer, etc…) out there! Find the one you want to pursue and feel inspired. That will help you become a better person overall!


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