8 miles later……

Well, one of the girls I am working with has been stuck at around 5 miles. So I asked her to come run with me. So we struck out last Friday for a “6” mile run. I didn’t tell her we were really going to do 8 miles! So I tell her the trek we are going to take and she says okay, that seems like a long way…to which I reply, OH NO not at all! It’s just around 6 miles! It just seems longer to you! hehehe

So we start out and run the first 1.7 miles and I suggest we try something new! I had been wanting to try it and I knew she would need to try it since she was actually going about 3 miles over what she was use to! I started us running around 4 or 5 minutes straight and then walking 1 minute. We talked the entire run so I couldn’t keep up with time exactly so we just estimated.  SHE MADE IT THE ENTIRE 8 MILES! She realized when she looked at her phone on mile 6 what I was doing…. she knew we had a few miles left to get home. She said  I’m going to kill you, lol. I said Yes you are tired but  “Do you feel exhausted to where you can’t move anymore?” no  “Are you out of breath?” no “Can you keep on?” yes so we did! and she made it! IT WAS FREEZING TOO! I ran 7 miles the weekend before and was so tired but with this new method of running 4/5 minutes walk 1 minute, I felt so good! I could have kept going another 2 miles for sure! So I believe on any of my long runs, that are past 6 miles I will do that! I was talking with a few other people and this is what they do. Some people just run and when they get to water stops during the race is when they have a break, this may be a good idea as well! I may try that on my 9 mile run to see which one I like better!

So I am so proud of her. She just ran her first 5k  in November and in February will run her first half! She is in shock at what she has done! She just can’t believe that she really could do this the whole time! She is on her way to a healthy and fit body!


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