You will never be perfect…

No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I WILL NOT BE PERFECT! I can be bulimic, I can be anorexic, I can work out and eat right but I will not be perfect. I can be skinny but my face can look gaunt with dark circles from not enough nutrition which isn’t pretty. I can be fit but no matter how hard I try I have cellulite. My body will NEVER be perfect. I have to accept that and so do you. 

I had a friend who was bulimic. She would go crazy and eat, eat, eat and then run to the bathroom. She was rail thin. We were in my bathroom getting ready one night and she said she wish she were skinnier. I was like WHATTTT?!? If you were skinnier you wouldn’t even exist. (She weighed about 90 lbs.) I told her to look in the mirror, I said your waist is smaller than my thigh, you need help. No matter how much she lost she was unhappy with herself. She always saw things that she needed to “fix” on her body. She wasn’t pretty, she looked like a sick little girl. The one thing she needed to fix she couldn’t see. She needed to fix her mindset. It isn’t about being skinny, it’s about being fit and healthy! She wasn’t perfect on the inside NOR was she on the outside. Her eyes were sunken in, she was so skinny her bones were showing, she wasn’t exercising so she wasn’t a toned skinny, and so forth. Our bodies will always have imperfections because we are organic. Organic shapes are irregular and are not perfect. 

I can only do so much. I eat as healthy as possible, exercise, and just  be the best I can be! I am slowly on my way to having the body I want. I am happy with myself right now but I still have some things I want to change. I would like to work my love handles off a little more, trim down the c-section belly, an inch off the back of my arms, and an inch or two off the outer thighs. I want to change these and work to change them but I do focus on and praise myself for the changes I have already made and see. I see my inner & tops of my thighs trimming up. I see the front of my arms that are flat and thin. I see the top part of my stomach trimming up and little lines beginning to form where my abs are. I look at the things I want to change but I also know there is only so much that I can do. I have an hourglass figure and that will never change. I embrace my curves and move on. I will never be a size 0 model thin (unless I am sick)…nor do I want to be! I love who I am! I love working out and challenging my body. I love eat healthy but also having a slice of cheesecake every once in a while. I love myself and what my life is like and I only focus on that! 

*Julian Micheals has a wonderful body, exercises and eats healthy 24/7 but she has even said there is this one cellulite spot on her leg that she can’t get rid of. She works it out like crazy and it never budges. So even Julian Micheals isn’t perfect

So look in the mirror today and embrace the changes you are making. Whether it is a change on the outside of your body or the inside notice that you are changing and doing your best. Look at the things you want to change and start working your way to those changes. When you do, focus on the changes you made and be proud of them!



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