New bodies/minds take time, so be PATIENT.

For those of you who are just starting into the healthy lifestyle, I applaud you and I am proud of the change you are about to make! Am I happy you waited until the new year, No. But hey I am just glad you are starting no matter when! I am a big advocate for starting ASAP, so when you make up your mind you should do it then! Anyways, either way I am proud of you for trying to change your life and become a better person, whether it is attitude or weight I know you can do it!

You are starting into something NEW, this WILL TAKE TIME! BE READY FOR A LONG HAUL! 

It takes time to transition… takes time and patience with your body and yourself to change. It’s happening but not overnight! Whether you are trying to change your attitude, body, etc… be patient with yourself. It takes time to change the way your think, the proportions or what you eat, to exercise each day. These things are new to you, they are foreign…you can’t expect to just do it overnight and be done. You are who you are and you have to SLOWLY change. You can’t lose 50 pounds over night. Know that what you are doing is going to take time and have that in your head before you start your new goal. Start with little goals to get you to that big goal.

I know you can do this and I am so proud of you for starting this journey towards a new and better life!


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