Worrying does nothing…..except make you some sort of crazy person!

Worrying does absolutely NOTHING! It doesn’t help fix the problem or make it better.

I know it is hard to not worry and obsess about things, but STOP! We are women so we over think and analyze everything until we are absolutely exhausted. Stop worrying and over thinking things, worrying does nothing except wear us out. What will be, will be. God will help you, just ask and talk it over with him….he will help you feel calm and sometimes even give you a solution. His solution will probably be, stay calm and let me deal with it. Give it to him and let him handle it for you!

Stop worrying because it is making you a nervous, sleep deprived wreck. Worrying also takes a toll on your health and wears you down. Your happiness is affected by worry! If your happiness is affected then the quality of your life has been affected, which means everyone around you is suffering as well! When things happen try to calm yourself down and not worry. Tell yourself, this shall too pass and all will be okay. This will all come to an end and I can handle this. I can always figure out a way to fix this or deal with this.

Go out today and take those worries you have and put them in the trash can! God will come and empty the trash for you, you just have to ask him!


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