So we are training. One had to drop out, she tore cartilage playing tennis one night and has to be off for some time. BUT the rest of us are going strong!!!

I am up to 7 miles now, running at 11:20 minute pace, YES I KNOW IT IS SLOWWWWWW but I am not worried about pace right now, I just want to finish, ha! Everybody running with me in on a different pace, one girl runs 10 minute miles, another runs 14 minute miles..we aren’t focused on time, we are focused on that finish line that will say…YOU JUST RAN 13 MILES, I will even probably have a tear or two in there! HA!

My husband is training as well, but I told his happy little butt to go on, he runs A LOT faster than me. He usually finishes 3.1 miles in 24 minutes, ughhhhhhh. I do need to give him a shout out, without him I wouldn’t have made this a goal. He mentioned me running the half with him (well not WIIITHHH him, but participating in it at the same time, haha) and I said, WTF, have you LOST YOUR MIND!!! NO WAY CAN I RUN 13 MILES, I can barely do a 10k! HA. I was like NO, NO, NO – then I started talking to others and figured you could always walk a minute to catch your breath or take a pit stop, people do it all the time. So I said okay! DAMN’T I will do it! And so here I am……thanks Russ!

Anyways, we are all doing good and trying our hardest to make that goal! Hope that you have a goal of  your own you are working towards and that you smash it as we are planning to do!



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