Be healthy now or pay for it later!

I am most focused on how I feel. Do I feel good? Am I proud of what I look like? Stand in the mirror naked and take a look. Everyday in the morning or after a work out and I look at myself and check out my progress. I can see the backs of my arms (slowly but surely) tightening up, I can see the second line forming in my abs, I can see my butt is actually more perky (no holding a pencil under there now!) Look at your changes and appreciate every small change you can see! We all have imperfect bodies, so know that going into it! I have a c-section scar across my lower stomach and I am working like a mad man trying to get rid of the lower c-section flab. I have love handles and saddle bags but when I look in the mirror I concentrate on, okay, do I see a difference?? Every time I look in the mirror I am not going to see a change but after weeks of work I should be able to see the hard work starting to pay off. Don’t get frustrated, nobody said it was easy! Being healthy is hard! Challenge yourself to change yourself! Otherwise you will always eat what you are eating and be the size that you are.

Make time now to be healthy or pay for it later! Being unhealthy is linked with so many different problems, such as stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, clogged arteries, and so forth. So either you make time now to eat right and exercise or be ready to have a  body that is shutting down on you in a few years. You can eat healthy and have occasional treats for the rest of your life. OR eat bad everyday for a few years and when your 40, 50, 60, 70……you have high cholesterol and so forth…which means you will have to watch every little thing! So spread out those enjoyments so that you can have them for years to come, instead of those treats in just 10 years.

You shouldn’t want to be healthy just to have a great body! Healthy should be in your vocabulary because you want to live a long life without heart issues, diabetes, and so forth! So stay away from that mountain dew everyday and pick up an unsweet tea or glass or water! Your body said thanks for adding extra years to its life!


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