Have your strategy ready, so you can win the battle!

I know it is cold and it is Christmastime but don’t stay for weeks in those large comfy pants, you will regret it!

Those comfy pants that expand, allow your belly to grow and grow and grow, without you even realizing it. Your pants just keep expanding but you don’t even have a clue because they are stretchy. This season dress up so you can realize when pants, dresses, shirts, etc… are getting to tight. If you realize they are already tight, then you can go ahead and fix it! Don’t let it get worse because it is just a large mess you have to clean up after Christmas! A LARGE MESS!!! It makes it so much harder, you are talking about weeks more that it will take you to get it off! SOOOOO try to eat as healthy as possible until Christmas day! Drink TONS of water, especially at Christmas parties so that you don’t eat the food!

Good luck in the coming days, goodies are around every corner! Have your strategy ready, so you can win the battle!


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