Give without expecting to receive

This year as we are buying our Christmas gifts try to really think of the person and what they like. It isn’t about how much money spent but about the thought someone put into the gift. And  as you receive a gift don’t be appalled if it isn’t what you wanted. Ask yourself did they really try? Did they really think of me? If yes then that is all that matters. We focus on the cost and what we want more than WOW that person really thought of me. 

In the past years gifts have gotten insane. People are giving other people list of what they want and so on. Wait, isn’t the point of me buying you a gift because I thought of you and know/love you so well that I can go out and think of you. I know you like Marshalls so I am going to give you a gift card for a shopping spree, or I know you love that chocolate so I bought you a bar. 

So this year I have been teaching my 3-year-old about buying presents for others and how we should think of them and be excited to give them a gift. I am also trying to teach him to be excited over the gift no matter what because someone tried, they thought of him. Lastly, I have made him only concentrate on one big thing from Santa. (a ninja turtle lair) Yes, he can look at others toys and ask for them but he needs to only expect one of those. Santa can’t bring every single toy on your list, nor is that healthy. Kids think they can get, get, get, whatever they want. Realization life isn’t like that. You don’t always get the job you want, the car you really want, the house of your dreams, and so forth. By getting them everything they have ever wanted you are setting them up for disappointment in the future. They are never satisfied, they want, want, want. I am not saying to not buy for your children and give them what they want…but I do believe they can’t have everything and you need to prepare them for that. In today’s world parents let their children control them. Children today do, say, act however they want and the parents just sit back and watch. They don’t discipline their children. They are letting them do whatever they want for all different reasons. I have seen parents they are just lazy and sit their kids in front of televisions, I have seen parents that treat their kids like princess and princes and the parents are slaves to them. I have seen parents that say they just can’t control their child, he is just to terrible, they don’t know what to do. I have seen parents who think saying no is horrible. The list goes on. BE A PARENT!! NOT A FRIEND!!! You had children for a reason, now discipline them, stop being scared of them, stop being lazy because you made this choice, and get up a raise a decent human being. YES it is a lot of work but it is SO WORTH IT, especially when you have a good kid in the long run! I am not saying be a strict crazy ass, yes let them eat 2 cupcakes at a Christmas party and let them stay up a little late but don’t let your kids slap you in the face or their teachers and you do nothing about it. Deal with it then, it may take months to fix the problem but if you do it right then you will win the war! This is where it all starts… giving your kids everything they want and not teaching them about the joy of giving to others. It isn’t all about me, it should be about what can I give to others. We should think about giving to others without thinking what will I get in return.

So share the excitement with your child over buying and giving presents to others. I love giving presents more than actually receiving them because I get to see the look of happiness on others faces! Try passing that on to your kid!


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