Don’t be a SCROOGE anytime of the year!

Christmas is just around the corner, 4 days! Can you believe it is already here!! It always goes by so quickly and then I am left sad. I miss the lights, the music, the joy that is in the air…everything is so peaceful at this time. The only thing that could make it better is a touch of snow!

I always wonder why can’t we keep those Christmas feelings alive all year? Why can’t we keep the joy for the next 11 months? We should all strive to be more joyful and cheerful. We shouldn’t wait until Christmas to buy a happy for a loved one or tell them how much we love them only once a year. We shouldn’t hug and hold our children one time a year. Why do we only spread the love at Christmas? Why can’t we spread love and joy all year? Don’t be a Scrooge the rest of the year and only be good at Christmas. You should always try to not be a Scrooge all year! Scrooges are total buttheads, who nobody wants to be around! Everyone always wants to be around joyful and positive people. So try your best to positive and upbeat, even in dark times!

2014 is fast approaching and instead of making a resolution on New Years (which I do not do) make a commitment to yourself now! To be more joyful, to love more, to be an overall better person! I don’t make new years resolutions because I believe I should make up my mind and do it then, not wait until this certain day to start. START NOW! No excuses! DO IT NOW! 



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