Are you weighted down?

We all can get weighted down with so many different things. We need to let go of some things that the weight can be lifted and we can breathe again. Once we let go of the dead weight we will be ourselves again. We will start smiling more, sleeping better, being kind to others, and an overall feeling of lightness.

Open your eyes to what is weighing you down. What is affecting you and your life? Memories? Friends? Family? Food? What is it in your life that is making you unhappy? Ask yourself this, are other people making me UNHAPPY or AM I MAKING MYSELF UNHAPPY? I am the controller of MY universe. I control my mind, heart, soul…my entire body. I may think that others are the cause of my unhappiness but a lot of times it is my fault. I am allowing those people to get in my mind and make me unhappy. So really I am the one that is making myself upset. Things have happened and that has made life more sad, but you have to be the tough person and move on. Accept what has happened and don’t let that steal anymore of your life. That person or memory has already taken a small part of your life; don’t let it take the rest of it!

Talk with God and get your mind right. You are both in charge of your life. Make the RIGHT decisions together and you will see that all those memories and things that are weighing you down in your life will start to lighten. Man up and start to control your life and your happiness.


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