Life is like a box of chocolates…..

It is getting close to CHRISTMAS! I love this time of year! Everyone is in high spirits and joy fills the air. I have always thought of the poor but never actually THOUGHT deep about what it really must be like. Out in the cold with no jacket or shoes, no food, no drink, no love… Lately, I have read a few things that really made me think. One of those was from Elizabeth Smarts book, My Story. She is talking about it being Thanksgiving and Christmas at some points in the book. One man passed by her on Christmas and handed her a Walkman. She was every so joyful in that moment because she got to hear christmas music, which lifted her spirits. She talks about the community feeding them, which she was ever so grateful for because they would go days without eating. Quiet a few times in the book she talks about her thirst. She wouldn’t eat or drink for days, DAYS!!! And I sit here complaining about how I hate the taste of water but I make myself drink it. There are people out there that would be so thankful for just even a cup of water! I sit there saying on sorry the dinner I cooked sucked tonight…when there is people out there that would eat anything just so there bellies would stop hurting, they would jump for joy over a warm supper! As I sit in my small but cozy and warm house, as I eat delicious warm food and watch my family open their gifts I will have all these things to be grateful. People around us have no money for food, shelter, heat, let alone a gift for someone special. I am ever so grateful for this house, the food, & my healthy family. I have so much to be happy about! Compared to others my life is perfect.

This year I want to focus on not letting material things be a big focus in my life. I have always tried not to make them a huge deal but sometimes I can be just like anyone else and want, want, want!  I hope this year to really focus on the “I WANT’S”. I want to ask myself, do I WANT this  or do I NEED this? Want and need are two different things! I tried this last year and succeeded some, but then at times slipped. So this year I will focus AGAIN on the NEEDS more than the WANT’S. A lot of people want a lot of things. Everyone always wants something, big or little! So my focus needs to be do I need it? Happiness does not come in material items, it comes from enjoying the little things around you! That is what makes life! We must relish in these things and be joyful for the life we have. No life is perfect so we all must focus on what good, little or big comes our way! Focusing on the good will help us through this life and make that life a better one!

Be joyful and happy not just at Christmastime but all year. We have so much good but a lot of times we only focus on the bad. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get “courtesy of Forest Gump”. You never know what the next day holds, good or bad, always be thankful. Be happy and try to live your life with as much joy as possible. One day you will turn around and ask where the hell it went. You can’t get it back, you only live once! So make the most of it, even in the hard times.


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