It is never too late!

Well this Saturday the child development center that my children go to had a Tacky Christmas Sweater 5k. My mom and “2nd mom” decided their goal was to walk the 5k. Please keep in mind my mom is in her 60’s and Mrs. Ree is in her 70’s. I had only given them a few weeks notice so I was worried about them pushing it so hard in such a short time frame. Needless to say the women shocked me, they made it all 3.1 miles. They were both so proud of themselves and I am too! It was both their first 5k! I was happy because I trimmed my time down to 10:44 minute mile, so I am slowly getting there! I hope to be running a 10 minute mile for my next 5k! A lot of joy was being passed around Saturday night!

photo (1)


Also, last week my mom took Mrs. Ree to her first ever Pilates class! Look at them go! The are doing Pilates and walking 3 miles! It is never to late to start living a healthy life! These women should inspire you! No matter your age or physical condition it can be done! You just have to make your mind up!

Also, attitudes and the way your live your life is contagious! When others see you eating healthy, exercising, beating your goals, being happy,&  having a good attitude they want to do the same as well! I passed it on to my mom, my mom has passed on to Mrs. Ree and now Mrs. Ree will pass it on! Almost like pay it forward, somebody has done for you, now you do for someone else! Help someone else change their life! Isn’t that the best gift you could ever give? Give somebody a new life! 

Go out today and be inspired by these two women and know that you can do it! No excuses! Once you have beat your goals go out and pay it forward!



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