Go ahead and have a treat! I said A TREAT, not 8!

Make sure you have cheat items every once in a while! I usually have a few treats a week. Lets get this straight…a diet coke is now a treat to me! I cut out sodas, even diet for the most part. So going to get a small or medium diet coke at Sonic is like wooo hoooooo its treat day! McDonald’s ice cream cones (plain vanilla) are around 175…..that is a treat! Saturday night, I may order a thin crust pizza for my treat! I said A TREAT, NOT 8! It also depends on my treat..I may have a 175 calorie ice cream cone Tuesday and Thursday I may have a diet coke from sonic….or I may not have neither and on Saturday night I will save up to have 4 squares of thin crust pizza. I make choices! I don’t have all of these in 1 week, but then there is that accidental I went crazy week and did do all 3!

Usually I save my big treat meal for Friday or Saturday nights! I have worked so hard during the week that I allow a treat meal once on the weekend (NOT ALL DAY, JUST ONE MEAL – and still watch my proportions when I do). Doing this is good, because I don’t go crazy later on!

It is also good to carb up every so many weeks (around 2/3 weeks). Carbing up one day, kind of sets  your metabolism back in order, my husband has read this and I really need to read up some more on it. BUT HEY,  I am all in  for 1 day of carbing up! Usually throughout the week, I TRY to eat most of my carbs before 1:00 p.m. and my carbs are usually wheat or healthier carbs..so I am all in for carbing up every 2 or 3 weeks!

Christmas is here so we really need to watch it as much as possible because everywhere we turn is a treat! Decide what is a REALLY good treat! Don’t eat it if it is just okay! I only eat it if it is so amazing! The trick I have been trying at the past two christmas events I have been too is fill up on water! I chug water the whole time I am there so I am full and don’t want to eat! It also keeps my hands busy so I don’t snack around the table! Now, Saturday night I have a 5k and afterwards a tacky Christmas party, with all my friends so I will be watching what I eat all day tomorrow so that I can have a large time Saturday night and not feel terribly guilty!

So cut yourself some slack and have a treat here and there…just not 24/7! A treat or cheat meal makes it where you don’t go insane and eat anything that is in sight! Enjoy your treat for the week, just keep in mind the proportions of what you are eating!


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