Forget the haters because somebody luvs ya! m.c.

Only god can judge us, – forget the haters because somebody love you..Miley Cyrus

Okay, so I have lyrics to Miley Cyrus song on here. We Can’t Stop. Miley I feel so sorry for. She is trying to grow up with all eyes on her and it is hard. We all have had moments in our lives we aren’t very proud of whether it was little or big and she has to do it with everyone watching. Growing up and figuring out who you are is hard enough but then every one in the world is looking at you make mistakes, it’s even harder. She just doesn’t know who she is or what she truly wants right now, she thinks she does…but didn’t all of us think similar to that at her age? No we didn’t twerk on stage with a foam finger but we all aren’t angels!

Take this lyric and use it to help live your life. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US, so think that when someone is judging you or saying things about you. Brush it off, let God handle them when they get to heaven, BUT YOU NEED TO STOP JUDGING OTHERS ALSO! I catch myself sometimes saying, what was she thinking and so on, ummmmm helllllooooo I have no right! I don’t know what is happening in that person’s life. I have no idea what they deal with everyday! You make think a person’s life is perfect, but it isn’t! Ever since I was in high school I have had so much judgement and haters, all girls….Hmmmm I wonder why? Because girls JUDGE, JUDGE, JUDGE. One example, 6 weeks after I gave birth to my oldest son Beckham, I went to celebrate with 4 girlfriends in Memphis. One of my friends was getting married, but being older and mature all we wanted to do was have a nice quiet dinner with wine and then go to a small bar and catch up on our lives. I will say I looked cute, I had on blue jeans, high heels, pink clutch, off the shoulder floral shirt, (the photo on my blog, I am wearing it) and my hair in a messy low bun. I was trying to do the best I could with what I was working with, lol. I was EXHAUSTED and still had baby weight, so flowy top it was and lots of concealer! People have always assumed I had an “easy” life growing up and immediately girls tend to be little witches to me, before even talking to me.  We sat down at a lone table in the back as far as we could away from the bar. It started with straws and paper being thrown at the table, towards me. Then a lit cigarette. Well, my friend had been living in Memphis too long now and she starts going off on the girl throwing it, and then my other friend (who NEVER goes off) did and they asked her basically WTF? and she said its your friend, she is privileged. UMMM, Girl you have no idea who I am…So I stay calm because it has happened all my life, all my girlfriends are in shock and can’t believe I am the way I am. I learn to forget the haters, because somebody loved me! My mom made it all okay, she helped me through high school and the few haters later in life. I realized I didn’t want to be like them. I don’t want to do that or act that way to someone because of the way they look. That girl had no idea who I was. She said I was privileged because she saw me for a totally of 10 minutes and never even talked to me. She had no idea I just had a baby via c-section 6 weeks before, or that I grew up not rich (for some reason people think by looking at me, I am loaded….definatly not true). I actually grew up in a small house with 1 bathroom for 5 people, then we moved to house that had burned( quiet large – 5,000 square feet, my dad bought and fixed it up  because he does construction) I always was on the land – I have shoveled manure, I have watch my dad kill a hog for our food, I had to load hay, mow the grass on a tractor, had horses, pet pigs, rabbits, pet turkey, guinea pigs, hamsters, sheep, cows, dogs, cats, ferrets, a west african grey parrot, lord knows I have forgotten something! Just because I dress up doesn’t mean I am a stuck up bitch that hasn’t worked a day in her life. I am a very hard worker, anybody who really knows me knows that I will work my ass off it I have too. I do dress cute, but I shop all over the place. My shirt may have cost 30 and my jeans might have been on sale for 60. I just bought a Micheal Kors dress for 10$ the other day! I mean really, that is what I would’ve spent buying lunch. My shoes may be 30 dollars and I may have  a Micheal Kors bag…but its mostly because I shop the right way and combine cheap and expensive.  I have also been judged over the years because I don’t look like or act like your typical artist! When I walked into my college art class, it was like Reese Witherspoon in her bunny outfit on Legally Blonde, hahaha. You could see their faces…Oh shit, here comes a dumb, blonde, sorority girl. Little did they know……..

So take advice from someone who has had a lot of haters and judgement passed her way. Screw them! God will take care of them. You hold your head up high and march to your own beat. True friends will find you and you can march together with your head held high. I do not worry about others and what they are doing, I only try and worry about myself. Am I doing what is right? Am I being as kind as I can? Am I doing what God wants me to do? Most of the time, no..I try to do the best, but I don’t always succeed. Worry about yourself and not about what others are doing. You don’t have the right to judge, Only God does! Forget the haters, because somebody loves ya!

Now go out today and try your best to love and not hate! You never know what is going on in someone else’s life!


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