Quick, low calorie lunch

When I did Insanity for a bit I followed some of the eating meals, this is a take on the tuna from that!

The insanity tuna has lime juice, etc… added to it, but I am always in a hurry and have no time for that (unless I pack the night before, yep that isn’t happening)

Mix 1/2 or whole avocado with 1 chunk light tuna fish in water.

Tunafish (starkist in envelope) has 80 calories and 1 Avocado has 234 calories – half has 117 calories

Mix the two together in a bowl. The tunafish and whole avocado total has 314 calories. I eat the Almond thin crackers by Blue Diamond that have 130 calories for 16 crackers!  Or have two slices 45 calorie wheat bread, for 90 calories.

Total lunch calories with tunafish, whole avocado and crackers, 444. I usually throw in an orange or pear after, they are very low in calories, so that my total lunch is under 500. – If I want a yogurt or something I cut the avocado in half and can have a yogurt for the same.

Great lunch, no refrigeration! Can just throw in my bag and go!

Below is the crackers! I LOVE these plain ones and REALLY LOVE the cheese ones!


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