I never said it would be EASY!

An old saying: I never said it would be easy; I only said it’d be worth it

Being a better person, a healthier person, a happier person is HARD. Mentally preparing yourself for the  challenges that face you is hard to do. It is hard to say no to a piece of fudge, it is hard to be happy or positive when things aren’t going so well, it hard to muster up the energy to workout, the workout is hard, it is hard to tell people no when you are at your end….It is EASY to eat bad, to not exercise, to not do anything for the community, friends, family, it is easy to be unhappy with your life, because our lives aren’t perfect and we tend to focus on the bad and not the good.

If you truly want to be happy stop focusing on what is bad around you. I don’t look at it all, I worry about one thing at a time. As Scarlet O’Hara would say “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow. ” If I focus on every little thing in my life that is going wrong or that I am not happy with, WELL HELL, I will be unhappy  A LOT. I MAKE MY HAPPINESS! I enjoy every little moment God has given me, RARE quiet moments when all is calm, picnics with the family on the land, the boys giggles, Russell’s smile, dancing in the kitchen with all the boys while cooking, and so on. I focus on only the GOOD that comes my way…and I ALWAYS thank God for what he has done for me. We have had quiet a year when I look back, but it never seemed bad because I only focused on one thing at a time and I tried not to focus on it too much. I accepted it and moved on, so that the next problem could come, haha!

Being a better, healthier, happier person is not easy, but it is worth it! You will enjoy your life much more if you are healthy and happy! Exercise and eating healthy help us feel better about ourselves, and it takes the stress away! So start with small changes. Instead of grabbing a hamburger at lunch try a turkey on wheat with baked chips. Instead of sitting on the couch, try walking, boxing, yoga, etc… take 5 minutes to read a devotional in the morning, and so on. These little things will all come together to make you a happier person.

Go out today and try for that goal! Remember that it won’t be easy but it WILL be worth it!


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