Worrying does nothing…..except make you some sort of crazy person!

Worrying does absolutely NOTHING! It doesn’t help fix the problem or make it better.

I know it is hard to not worry and obsess about things, but STOP! We are women so we over think and analyze everything until we are absolutely exhausted. Stop worrying and over thinking things, worrying does nothing except wear us out. What will be, will be. God will help you, just ask and talk it over with him….he will help you feel calm and sometimes even give you a solution. His solution will probably be, stay calm and let me deal with it. Give it to him and let him handle it for you!

Stop worrying because it is making you a nervous, sleep deprived wreck. Worrying also takes a toll on your health and wears you down. Your happiness is affected by worry! If your happiness is affected then the quality of your life has been affected, which means everyone around you is suffering as well! When things happen try to calm yourself down and not worry. Tell yourself, this shall too pass and all will be okay. This will all come to an end and I can handle this. I can always figure out a way to fix this or deal with this.

Go out today and take those worries you have and put them in the trash can! God will come and empty the trash for you, you just have to ask him!



So we are training. One had to drop out, she tore cartilage playing tennis one night and has to be off for some time. BUT the rest of us are going strong!!!

I am up to 7 miles now, running at 11:20 minute pace, YES I KNOW IT IS SLOWWWWWW but I am not worried about pace right now, I just want to finish, ha! Everybody running with me in on a different pace, one girl runs 10 minute miles, another runs 14 minute miles..we aren’t focused on time, we are focused on that finish line that will say…YOU JUST RAN 13 MILES, I will even probably have a tear or two in there! HA!

My husband is training as well, but I told his happy little butt to go on, he runs A LOT faster than me. He usually finishes 3.1 miles in 24 minutes, ughhhhhhh. I do need to give him a shout out, without him I wouldn’t have made this a goal. He mentioned me running the half with him (well not WIIITHHH him, but participating in it at the same time, haha) and I said, WTF, have you LOST YOUR MIND!!! NO WAY CAN I RUN 13 MILES, I can barely do a 10k! HA. I was like NO, NO, NO – then I started talking to others and figured you could always walk a minute to catch your breath or take a pit stop, people do it all the time. So I said okay! DAMN’T I will do it! And so here I am……thanks Russ!

Anyways, we are all doing good and trying our hardest to make that goal! Hope that you have a goal of  your own you are working towards and that you smash it as we are planning to do!


Be healthy now or pay for it later!

I am most focused on how I feel. Do I feel good? Am I proud of what I look like? Stand in the mirror naked and take a look. Everyday in the morning or after a work out and I look at myself and check out my progress. I can see the backs of my arms (slowly but surely) tightening up, I can see the second line forming in my abs, I can see my butt is actually more perky (no holding a pencil under there now!) Look at your changes and appreciate every small change you can see! We all have imperfect bodies, so know that going into it! I have a c-section scar across my lower stomach and I am working like a mad man trying to get rid of the lower c-section flab. I have love handles and saddle bags but when I look in the mirror I concentrate on, okay, do I see a difference?? Every time I look in the mirror I am not going to see a change but after weeks of work I should be able to see the hard work starting to pay off. Don’t get frustrated, nobody said it was easy! Being healthy is hard! Challenge yourself to change yourself! Otherwise you will always eat what you are eating and be the size that you are.

Make time now to be healthy or pay for it later! Being unhealthy is linked with so many different problems, such as stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, clogged arteries, and so forth. So either you make time now to eat right and exercise or be ready to have a  body that is shutting down on you in a few years. You can eat healthy and have occasional treats for the rest of your life. OR eat bad everyday for a few years and when your 40, 50, 60, 70……you have high cholesterol and so forth…which means you will have to watch every little thing! So spread out those enjoyments so that you can have them for years to come, instead of those treats in just 10 years.

You shouldn’t want to be healthy just to have a great body! Healthy should be in your vocabulary because you want to live a long life without heart issues, diabetes, and so forth! So stay away from that mountain dew everyday and pick up an unsweet tea or glass or water! Your body said thanks for adding extra years to its life!


Okay so you have eaten and eaten and eaten, so now STOP!!! THROW OUT ALL THE FOOD or DONATE TO SOMEONE ELSE!

If you keep it in the house you will consume it! TRUST ME! Get rid of it NOW!!!! Stop reading this post and without question take everything to the trash now! Then tie the bag up and put in your dumpster! NOT KIDDING!

This is when the holiday pounds sneak on, one or two days of eating bad won’t kill you or make you gain 20 lbs but weeks will! Go ahead and throw it out and be DONE! Now write you a healthy grocery list and hit the store for veggies and fruits! You may have to train your body to get over the sweet attacks. It is like you have given your body a drug the past few days and now it is having withdrawals. Make it through! Give it a few days to get back on track and the cravings will simmer down. Just have strength to get through them!


  • step 1: THROW OUT
  • step 2: get dressed, in something halfway tight so you feel a little uncomfortable, that will stop you from eating more!
  • step 3: make a healthy grocery list
  • step 5: fight the junk food cravings step 6: get through the next few days eating healthy


To all my followers out there I wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Take today to enjoy the little and big things around you, Christmas music, laughter, that Christmas tree smell, smiles, warm fires, cozy clothes, a good book, a holiday tradition, warm good food, family, friends, and most of all JESUS! Remember what today is really about and rejoice in this wonderful time!

Don’t take today for granted! Enjoy it to the fullest!

Eat all the delicious food around you and enjoy! For you shall start eating healthy again on Thursday!

Have your strategy ready, so you can win the battle!

I know it is cold and it is Christmastime but don’t stay for weeks in those large comfy pants, you will regret it!

Those comfy pants that expand, allow your belly to grow and grow and grow, without you even realizing it. Your pants just keep expanding but you don’t even have a clue because they are stretchy. This season dress up so you can realize when pants, dresses, shirts, etc… are getting to tight. If you realize they are already tight, then you can go ahead and fix it! Don’t let it get worse because it is just a large mess you have to clean up after Christmas! A LARGE MESS!!! It makes it so much harder, you are talking about weeks more that it will take you to get it off! SOOOOO try to eat as healthy as possible until Christmas day! Drink TONS of water, especially at Christmas parties so that you don’t eat the food!

Good luck in the coming days, goodies are around every corner! Have your strategy ready, so you can win the battle!

Give without expecting to receive

This year as we are buying our Christmas gifts try to really think of the person and what they like. It isn’t about how much money spent but about the thought someone put into the gift. And  as you receive a gift don’t be appalled if it isn’t what you wanted. Ask yourself did they really try? Did they really think of me? If yes then that is all that matters. We focus on the cost and what we want more than WOW that person really thought of me. 

In the past years gifts have gotten insane. People are giving other people list of what they want and so on. Wait, isn’t the point of me buying you a gift because I thought of you and know/love you so well that I can go out and think of you. I know you like Marshalls so I am going to give you a gift card for a shopping spree, or I know you love that chocolate so I bought you a bar. 

So this year I have been teaching my 3-year-old about buying presents for others and how we should think of them and be excited to give them a gift. I am also trying to teach him to be excited over the gift no matter what because someone tried, they thought of him. Lastly, I have made him only concentrate on one big thing from Santa. (a ninja turtle lair) Yes, he can look at others toys and ask for them but he needs to only expect one of those. Santa can’t bring every single toy on your list, nor is that healthy. Kids think they can get, get, get, whatever they want. Realization life isn’t like that. You don’t always get the job you want, the car you really want, the house of your dreams, and so forth. By getting them everything they have ever wanted you are setting them up for disappointment in the future. They are never satisfied, they want, want, want. I am not saying to not buy for your children and give them what they want…but I do believe they can’t have everything and you need to prepare them for that. In today’s world parents let their children control them. Children today do, say, act however they want and the parents just sit back and watch. They don’t discipline their children. They are letting them do whatever they want for all different reasons. I have seen parents they are just lazy and sit their kids in front of televisions, I have seen parents that treat their kids like princess and princes and the parents are slaves to them. I have seen parents that say they just can’t control their child, he is just to terrible, they don’t know what to do. I have seen parents who think saying no is horrible. The list goes on. BE A PARENT!! NOT A FRIEND!!! You had children for a reason, now discipline them, stop being scared of them, stop being lazy because you made this choice, and get up a raise a decent human being. YES it is a lot of work but it is SO WORTH IT, especially when you have a good kid in the long run! I am not saying be a strict crazy ass, yes let them eat 2 cupcakes at a Christmas party and let them stay up a little late but don’t let your kids slap you in the face or their teachers and you do nothing about it. Deal with it then, it may take months to fix the problem but if you do it right then you will win the war! This is where it all starts…..by giving your kids everything they want and not teaching them about the joy of giving to others. It isn’t all about me, it should be about what can I give to others. We should think about giving to others without thinking what will I get in return.

So share the excitement with your child over buying and giving presents to others. I love giving presents more than actually receiving them because I get to see the look of happiness on others faces! Try passing that on to your kid!