Whats age got to do with it?

Well today was an I love Lucy experience. I took my mom to her first Pilates class, using the reformer. I giggled and giggled while we were toning our bodies. She did all the moves and she eventually got them down pat, though she was funny doing it. Note: anyones first time is an I Love Lucy moment, so don’t let me make you nervous. I asked her a few weeks ago to try it…she asks What is pilattus??? ummm what did you say? Pilates mom, Pilates! LOL. As I was putting the boys to bed I got a text Are you sure I can do this? Just looked it up on internet and I don’t think so. Mom, its fine, trust me. So I prepared the instructor and prepped mom on the class. She actually made it the entire time and did every move, not stopping! I must say I was shocked, impressed, and proud of her. My mom got run over by a truck around 5 years ago, which totally messed her up, she has arthritis as well. Not to mention SUPER clumsy. So I went in thinking okay I don’t know if she can do this and this, but she amazed me and did it all. Watch out, you go girl.

We should all learn from my mom. Today, she stepped outside her comfort zone and tried something new! Today, she defeated her old age and bad joints to push herself beyond. I am just so proud of her for even trying it! Now she likes it and is going to start doing Pilates once a week. This is going to be so good for her! It will help build some muscle to keep her strong as she gets older. A lot of health problems arise from not exercising so all of us young and old can benefit from a workout a day! One of the older women taking Pilates with me doesn’t have to have her back surgery anymore! The doctor was impressed, All because of Pilates strengthening her. Yoga and Pilates are two of the best things you can do for your mind and body, any age can benefit!

No matter your age or physical ability step outside that comfort zone. Try something new! Don’t let a disability or your age stop you! Try something new that you will benefit from! Trust me, you won’t regret trying it! You probably will even feel proud and happy with yourself.




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