You may not see the difference but WE ALL DO!

Do you think celebrities just have a good body because of genetics? Most of the time, no! They all try to eat healthy and exercise to have that fit body we all desire. You never saw the time it took for them to get that body. How do you know that it didn’t take a year or more for them to become who they are. Look at Jillian Micheals, she use to be overweight. Her body took time, she didn’t gain that body overnight. It took months of patience and hard work. It is easier for some because of different reasons…when you can afford to eat fresh salmon for lunch and have the time to grill salmon for lunch it is a little easier to be healthy. Of course, genetics does play a little role in it as well, but we use that as an excuse too much. 

You may not see the difference in what you look like or feel like but all of us do! Change takes time! Getting fit and healthy take time! Don’t give up after only a few weeks, the results will happen if you are truly doing everything that you need to be doing. If you are and still don’t see results then head to a doctor and make them run some test! It could be PCOS, Thyroid, and so on…so go get checked!

Stop making excuses…Well if I had time to exercise or fix healthy food then I would. More than half of us don’t have time! Make it a priority now. This  is the time to take care of yourself! Be patient with yourself and allow your body time to change. It took  you months to gain the weight…so it will take months to lose it. Have tiny goals to help you along the way. Set an overall goal but set smaller ones as well. Example overall goal is to wear a size 10 and drop 50 lbs. Small goals: lose 5 pounds, lose 10 pounds, drop a size, pants are smaller, etc..Please have realistic goals in mind! We all can not have Victoria Secret bodies. Be proud of your body and the changes that are happening with it! Just because you aren’t a size 0 doesn’t mean you aren’t fit or beautiful! Have confidence in yourself and be proud of your body. I know no matter what I do, I will always have curves. My body measurements are like a cartoon! Hourglass for sure! I have large breast, a smaller middle section, and then a baby got back butt/hip area. So I can lose as much as I want but those curves won’t leave me. I wouldn’t change those curves for anything because now I love myself and my body for what it is. God created it for me and I am happy with it! 

Keep trying and be patient! You may not see the change but we all do! You see yourself everyday so the change is harder for you to see. The rest of us can tell when you have lost! So keep it up , know that it will take time, and it will eventually happen for you! I know you are on  your way to healthy body that looks good on YOU!




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