It’s Thanksgiving next week!

Thanksgiving week is coming up and everyone will engorge their bellies until they can no longer take it. Thanksgiving is ONE day, not an ENTIRE week! When you start eating on Monday and continue throughout the week you are setting yourself up for a major weight gain! The only day I eat what I want is Thanksgiving! After that, I throw it out or give to other people! Why?? Because if it is in your eyesight, you will most likely eat it. Temptation is hard to resist…Put a naked woman in front of a guy and they go bonkers…put a cake or chip/dip in front of a woman and she goes bonkers! You know its true! You will walk by the cake and say just a bite or two, two bites…you walk off, a few minutes later…just two more bites…and then you look down and you have eaten the entire damn cake! So your guilt kicks in and you feel like a lard ass….its okay we have all done it at some point in our lives! Mine was Ms. Chisholm’s Peanut Butter Fudge when I was pregnant with Beck. Russell was like..You ate the entire thing? By yourself? In one day? haha..yep I did!

Resist the urge to go absolutely insane that you have to feel guilty and feel fat! Watch your proportions, have cake,a slice of bread, dressing, and a toddy! Why not it is Thanksgiving! BUT remember it is only ONE day! Friday you should exercise and get back to eating right!

Go ahead and start preparing your head for the challenges that face you next week. If you prepare and plan, you will defeat Thanksgiving week without adding an extra 5 pounds to your butt and stomach! I PROMISE you will feel much better about yourself if you don’t go hog wild! You will actually say to yourself, GOOD JOB! I’m proud of myself! It is one small victory in the start of a new life for you! If you haven’t started….. those small victories are waiting on you! Don’t keep pushing it off! Start now! My girls that I am helping started in July losing weight, the week of July 4th! I wanted that, because I could talk to them about the July 4th holiday and how to not get in a rut! So if you are planning on losing weight, start now! Waiting is only going to add more pounds you have to lose and it may make you not ever really start! Get mentally ready and do this! NOW! ALL FOR YOU! So you can feel better, be better, and do better!

I believe in all of you and KNOW that you can all do this! Make a better life now!


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