HERE WE GO! Wish us luck!

SOOOO we started training for the half-marathon last week… far so good! HA, 1 week down, 12 more to go! I really like Hal Higdon’s training schedule, I was looking and found the best reviews on his. Then Russell comes home the same day… with the same training schedule, when we were doing our 10k. So I thought, okay if Russell picked it then I knew it was good. So we both decided to use him for the half as well. Then I started talking with a new friend of mine who tries to run at least one half a year, she loves his training guide. She has tried different ones in the past and she said they had her over training. The weeks are not crazy like I was thinking they would be. Some days you just go for a 2 or 3 mile run and others you do cross training. The weekends are the hard runs but we have a list of girls running together so it definitely helps make the mileage easier!

Russell got me a new Garmin watch to keep track of my pace, miles, calories, and total time. I LOVE IT! He also surprised me with two new running shirts..I know…look at him go!! I was very surprised and impressed..good colors and good sizes! So now I am all cutesy for my runs which make me feel better when I run…NO REALLY! Good running clothes make all the difference! I PROMISE, spend the money and you will be ever so grateful. As for the girls….here is your new best friend, especially if you have a larger chest like me! They are called Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bras – can get on amazon, fleet feet, and other running/workout gear places. They are 50$ a pop, but I will NEVER wear another sports bra again. I can adjust the straps (without them digging into my shoulder), the material is like a dri fit which is a nice smooth texture, and you can adjust the size around as well. They are a little tricky getting on and off, but I LOVE THEM!

I love the nike dri fit racerback tank in a larger size! Of course it is getting cold so I am trading those in for dri fit long sleeve shirts and a dri fit headband to cover my ears! I always wear tight capri pants when I run so I don’t have to worry about my shorts riding up!

As for shoes – get you a good pair you are comfortable in! I roll my ankles, so I need support! I am checking out a new running shoe because of my I.T Band and cartilage issues…I have heard great reviews on a shoe. Brand is Altra zero drop running shoes..for men and women. They have a few different types, so you have to read which one is for you. That will be my next purchase as far as running shoes. Once I do, I will let you know what all the hype is about!

So wish me luck in the coming weeks as I make my way to the 13 mile finish line. I WILL finish this and help the girls with me meet their goal! I know deep down, we all can do it!! We just have to dig deep!


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