Does it all matter????

Russell, gets irritated with me because he says I have a weird outlook. (I think he just hates hearing about me linked with death) I say to myself and others, Does it all really matter? If I die tomorrow it won’t matter. Whatever I worried and stressed over today, won’t mean a thing the next day if I am dead or dying. Well, it’s the truth! I use this for different things in my life.

I wear the clothes I wear because I LOVE fashion, I don’t wear them for anyone else and I don’t wear them just because they are name brand. If you don’t like my outfit don’t look at me. I wear what I wear because I enjoy it. I’m building a house FOR MY FAMILY and no one else. I drive a car I can trust to get me from point A to point B. I don’t care what you think. I don’t care if you think my furry boots look ridiculous or the car I drive isn’t cool. I worry about me and not about what every one else thinks because in the end IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Half of what I do doesn’t matter. What I am wearing doesn’t matter. What I eat doesn’t matter.  The car I drive doesn’t matter. Where I live doesn’t matter. The list can go on and on. All these material items and the stuff we place big importance on all do not matter. We will all be dead one day and the stuff we have focused on will become trash or someone else stuff. Someone else will live in my house, my sons wives will have my jewelry, and so on. It all doesn’t matter. So why place so much importance on things that can’t go with us? 

Why do I worry? Because it all doesn’t matter! In the end all the stuff I worried and stressed over won’t matter. 

Stop worrying about the next item you can get or a problem that can’t be fixed. Enjoy each and every day that you have! You never know when it could be your last. Do you want your last day filled with worry, anger, jealousy, and so forth. NO! Whenever you are upset or wanting something so desperately ask yourself this question, Does this matter? In the end am I really going to be thinking about this? These questions will help put it in perspective for you.

Go out today with a positive attitude! All the things you are worrying about, will end up okay!  If they don’t end up okay right now, it eventually will. I promise you won’t be worried about the things that haunted you on this earth in the end of your life! Worrying does absolutely nothing, so go out and enjoy your life! God has given this to you, so enjoy it and make the best of bad things that have happened and that are going to happen!


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