Throw those larger size clothes out! ASAP!

Girls, Girls, Girls…our closets are full of different sizes! My closet ranges from a size 4 to a size 12, IS THAT NUTS or WHAT? I know we have our bloat days, clothes fitting differently, and so forth but what the hell! My closet STILL consist of the higher size clothes just because of my pregnancies (I must have clothes available to wear once baby arrives). After I am done having children, every size 10 and 12 outfit will be given away to charity! Everything is going GOODBYE! Why???? Well I am glad you asked……

Because when your size 8 jeans get a little to tight, you just throw on the size 10 jeans, and then before you realize it those size 10 jeans are getting a little snug so you throw on size 12 jeans and it is a vicious cycle! If you don’t have the size 10 jeans or the larger shirt you can’t go up a size, without realizing it. When you only have a certain size pants, if they are too tight, you say OOOhhhh shit! I better eat healthy and exercise more these next few weeks to get these pants fitting better again! You fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

So once you get down a size throw out the pants/shirts/dresses that are to big (unless you need to save for a pregnancy and if that is the case box them up and put in the attic so you don’t have easy access). Anyways, it is a good excuse to buy a new shirt or new pants! Nothing to wear….because you are getting to be such a good healthy size! That’s a good problem!

Today, go in your closet and clean out those larger sizes! It is the perfect time to donate clothes, just in time for the holidays!



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