You can do anything for 1 minute……..

1 minute of Jumping Rope

30 Bicycle crunches

1 minute of Mountain Climbers 

1 minute rest

15 push ups

50 Russian twist (with or without weighted ball)

1 minute of Burpees 

1 minute rest

25 punches on each side (jab, cross, hook, and uppercut – all 4 count as 1 punch)

30 seconds to 1 minute of holding plank (on your forearms, booty tucked and down, keep everything nice and aligned)

15 tricep dips

1 minute rest

1 minute run in place as fast as you can

 1 minute hold boat pose

1 minute of walking push-ups

25 weighted side bends, 25 per side (Spread legs evenly apart under your shoulders. In your right hand hold a 10, 15, or 25 pound weight. Bring your left arm up and place you hand behind our head. Bend at your right side so that the weight lowers down to the ground and then come back to standing position) Go slow and concentrate on tightening your abs.

IF you don’t know how to do a certain exercise Google it! The exercises will pop up and once you see an illustration it will make more sense!


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