Let it rain on me…….

Today I woke up to a not so beautiful morning. It is raining, again. Instead of feeling bummed, I am so thrilled! I have always loved running in the rain because I feel like a new person afterwards. I feel as though the rain is washing away the old and bringing in the new. It gives my soul a good cleaning. I don’t know why, but when I run in the rain as it pours down me I feel this calm come over me. A new person emerges who feels like she can take on the world. 

So instead of saying Oh, its raining, I can’t go out and run/walk today…say YES! God is giving you this rain so that you can go out and feel the old wash away and the new beginning that is starting for you. Whatever the new beginning is, jump for joy that you are starting something new and better in your life!  I am excited for you and wish you well in you new endeavors.


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