I weigh………

I weigh a lot more than people think. When I go to the doctor, nurses actually play with the scale to make sure it is right…I have had quite a few comment on how they can’t believe I weigh that much, and I get a lot of puzzled faces. At first my feelings were hurt but now I just laugh because I am comfortable with my size and realize their intentions were good. I look a lot smaller than what I weigh. I have always just weighed a good bit. The smallest I have been was a size  3/4 and I weighed 145 pounds. YEP, go ahead with your shocked face! Size 3 or 4 isn’t a healthy weight for me either, I looked sick when I look back at pictures. I wasn’t doing anything bad. I was counting my calories (1,500) but I was also doing a lot of exercise (that was back when I had more than 45 minutes, ha) Stop focusing on how much the scale says! The more muscle the more you weigh! So I can be changing physically but not see the scale budge or I may see my weight be a little higher.

Realize what is a good size for your body. My good size is a size 8. Size 6 is the lowest I should go. Bones sticking out are not attractive. Ask any guy and for the most part they will tell you that they prefer some curves. Be yourself! What size are you most happy at? What size is a healthy size? I don’t have time to workout ALL day so I do what I can do and I am happy with that. I have two young kids and work, plus numerous other things I have to do. I do what I can do and try to eat the best I can. Eating is like 80% of it. I could do a lot better, but I am a sleep deprived mom who does the best she can. I am not perfect! I am not worried about the number on the scale. I am concerned with the way my clothes fit and how I feel. I know that a size 12 is too big for me and that I should be in a size 8 so I  keep that in mind. Take pictures of yourself, it is the best way to see how your body is changing even though the numbers aren’t!

Challenge yourself to change yourself! Nobody said it was easy and stop worrying about that damn scale 24/7. If you are weighing everyday then you are obsessed and need to get a grip on reality! It is best to weigh at the exact same time/day  once a week. One of my friends likes to weigh every week or two because she sees a bigger number of weight lost. So she can see 3 or 4 pounds lost over just 1/2 a pound. It gets discouraging! That is why I don’t weigh in general, because it discourages me when I know I am changing. Now if you are somebody that has to lose a good bit of weight, weighing is a good option. Weighing helps to show you how much weight you lost even though you may not see it. It also helps to show the doctors that if you are doing the necessary steps and still aren’t losing weight you have a medical issue of some kind. Some scales can even show you your body fat percentage, which is great. So the number on the scale might not move but you can see the body fat percentage beginning to change to a better number!

Now go challenge yourself so that you can start to see a change in yourself!


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