Make ’em say Oooo La Laaaaa………

One of my friends hasn’t been dressing up quite as much since she put on a few pounds. She has been depressed and she is letting it affect her style. Just because you are a little larger doesn’t mean you should stop trying! We all need to fix up because when we look good, we feel good. Everyone should take the time to fix up and look nice. Don’t let money stop you! Just because you don’t have a big budget doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel good!

I heard Fergie talking about her wet n wild make up that she is designing. She said she really wanted to do this because growing up she wasn’t wealthy so she had to use wet n wild. She still made sure she had lipstick on or blush. Yes, the make up wasn’t Dior but it is what she could afford and she looked good. If you stepped into my closet and my makeup bag you would see a wide range. My closet has stuff from t.j. max, marshalls, H&M, Forever21, Dillards, boutiques from all over and so on. My make up bag consist of Chanel, Make up Forever, Maybelline, Covergirl, Nars, e.l.f, Urban Decay…..such a range!  I always mix higher end with lower end. I am never about the brand, I am only about the style and fit! I have $400 hats from Italy but I didn’t pay 400…I bought them for $60. I have big name designer purses but I never pay full price! It is usually half or less! Style does not have to be sacrificed because you are on lower budgets!

Start trying to make yourself look a little more presentable. Wake up 5 minutes earlier in the morning and do a little makeup, spray a little perfume on and fix your hair. Instead of throwing on a tshirt and jeans, put on a comfy shirt but that is a little more dressy like a PIKO or a more fitted black tshirt. You can always throw on a wife beater and a short jacket with some jeans and be done! Looking better doesn’t mean it takes a whole lot more time or money. Don’t you owe it to yourself to look and feel good? Also, for those of you who are married…just because you  are married or just had a baby doesn’t mean you should stop trying! You are losing yourself when you stop fixing up…you are also losing your spouse. Your spouse likes to see you looking nice and not like a slob. It’s attractive to them to see you looking your best. When you give up on your appearance, they give up on their appearance as well, and they don’t think of you as you once were. You owe it to you, your husband, and your kids to look good and presentable.

Also, never wear what is in fashion just to wear it. If it doesn’t look good DO NOT BUY IT! I don’t care what fashion says, if it looks like crap on me, then I’m not purchasing it. I wear what I like and what I am comfortable in! Do not buy everything at once…if you are on a budget and can only afford a shirt or a pair of jeans this month – then only buy that! Build up your closet a little at a time! I also like to save..I take extra cash and put it up so that when I do get to shop I have a good bit saved to the side.

So wake up on hump day a few minutes earlier and make yourself more presentable so that you can feel good. If you feel good then you will show it in  your personality as well and the world can see how beautiful you are! Take time for yourself, you deserve it! I know that you are beautiful without the makeup or cute outfit but I also know how much better you will feel about yourself when you start fixing up! You will feel like Oooo La La and you will  MAKE ‘EM SAY OOOOO LA LAAAAAAAA WHEN YOU WALK BY!!!

Please do it for yourself! Try it and I know you will feel better!


Now you say, but I don’t know how to do my make up! ummm helloooo have you met youtube or pintrest??? Tons of techniques just check it out! Some of my favorites are : They are Real mascara (sephora), I have always used covergir, etc… until now..I will say the They’re Real mascara is $25 dollars but it last longer. I use to get mascara once a month but I am now still going strong and had this mascara for 2 months (which equals how much I spend at walgreens etc), MAC, Bobbie Brown, and Urban Decay eye makeups, but I also use covergirl/maybelline eye shadows – the more expensive brands last longer on my eye though, e.l.f primer is very similar to make up forevers primer- I have used both – but I also use covergirl primer, e.l.f studio contouring blush and bronzer powder, e.l.f eyeliner pen and cream eyeliner, I like Dinair airbrush make up (I use my foundation brush and not the spray) and I also love Chanel Vitalumiere aqua foundation- ultra-light skin perfecting sunscreen makeup broad spectrum spf15. I like Nars orgasm blush for the apples of my cheeks but I have found similar cheaper blushes that I use a lot more of now. I don’t use powder, just the foundation. My black eyeliner wood pencils are just cheap like wet n wild, or black radiance…just whatever..I’m not particular. Lip wise – I am all over the place tons of covergirls, etc..but also Make up Forever, MAC, Chanel,  and so on. If I love the color I don’t mind spending a little more because I love that it looks good on me.



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