Stop wishing for someone else life…….

Good Monday Morning to all my peeps,

Well, today my post will be about getting what you want! Everyone always thinks that I have the life I have because it has been given to me. This is far from the truth! My parents did things to encourage me along the way and help me succeed. I have not been handed an “easy” life. I MADE my life, I CHOSE my destiny. I wake up everyday and choose to be happy or sad. I wake up and make the choice to go out and get what I want. I work hard to be the person I am. I was never given an X amount dollars and said here go make your way in life. I have always been a hard worker and I have (most of the time) made good decisions. I don’t count on others to make my life, I make my life…with the help of God. I pray and I thank him for all that he has given me. I have had rough patches in my life and with his help I have overcome them. Life is not easy, even though we think it is for some. You never know what is truly going on in others lives.

If you want a better life, then give yourself a better life. Stop looking at others and wishing you had their lives. Create your life! Make it a good one! When you envision your life, what do you see? Then make it happen! You may have to settle a little here and there, but it can still be a good life! Your decisions are what make your life! Little or big they affect how you live.

I know some of us have had harder hardships than others and it makes it harder to succeed. That doesn’t mean that you CAN’T succeed! That means you have to work harder and the success will be so much greater! Don’t say, well this happened to me and now it affects my whole life. REALLY? You are letting whatever happened WIN! You are giving up! Do not give up! I have had an easier life in comparison with others but that doesn’t mean my life has been a cakewalk either. Life in general is hard, we will all enjoy an easier life in heaven.

Stop wishing for others lives and being jealous! Set out today to make a better life for yourself! A life that you enjoy and is what you mostly dreamed of! Do know that not everyday is a cake walk and there are hard times even when you get a lot of what you want. I have accomplished a lot in my life because I said to myself I CAN DO THIS!!!! I succeeded for the most part because I believed in myself. Don’t you owe that to yourself? Have faith and know that you are capable of whatever you truly want!

Go out today and tell yourself I CAN DO THIS! Whatever it is you want to succeed at, you can!! No excuses! No blaming! You go out and achieve this all on your own, because I KNOW you can! Don’t be scared! Mistakes happen, that is life! Good luck on making a better life for yourself! I know it will be a great accomplishment, whatever you choose!


One thought on “Stop wishing for someone else life…….

  1. Wow! Thanks for the motivation… It is not easy but I am making the choice to change the direction of my life.. And you are right, once your mind is convinced that you can, then you will do, go, enjoy, and most importantly live a life that is relatively happy and satisfying.

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