So you don’t have time for breakfast??? What about 2 minutes?

We all have woken up on a Saturday morning and made a breakfast burrito, but who has time during the week? YOU DO! On Sunday night, I will cook everything and wrap it up for the freezer. Then during the week all I have to do in unwrap and put in microwave! Simple and yummy! Everyone needs to eat breakfast! It gets your metabolism going for the day, so don’t skip out! No excuse with these!

What you need: Tortillas, Sausage, Eggs, Cheese, Onion/Peppers, (I use frozen bag of onions and peppers) foil, and Ziploc bags

I use 2 lbs of sausage, 1 bag of shredded cheese, 15 eggs and 18 tortillas. I made 18 total breakfast burritos to freeze.

Cook sausage until done (should be chopped up). Scramble eggs until cooked thoroughly, I spray my pan with Pam so I don’t use anything else fattening. Cook onion/peppers until ready.

Grab tortillas spread with shredded mild cheddar cheese, put some sausage crumbles, scrambled eggs, and onion/peppers (if you like) and roll it up. Flash freeze*. Then wrap in foil and put in a large Ziploc bag.

Pull out of the freezer, unwrap from foil and place a damp paper towel around the breakfast burrito. Microwave on for 1 to 2 minutes, my microwave it takes 2 minutes.

Top with salsa, it makes it soooo delicious!

Flash freeze – put on a plate and place in the freezer just for a few minutes so it won’t stick to the foil.

I use more egg white than whole eggs when scrambling my eggs. I use flour tortillas just because I have done the wheat before and it was not good! But they have good low-fat version of tortillas, so be sure to try different ones! I don’t always add onion and peppers, but sometimes I will to spice it up! Feel free to use turkey bacon or turkey sausage in its place. I think avocado freezes well! Or do all egg whites, or a different type of cheese! We  the ingredients above because we all love them but how you make the burrito is totally up to you!

Calories vary depending on tortillas, whole or just egg white – cheese – how much you put, etc… so you will have to add up the calories for the ones you make.


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