It’s a beautiful morning……agh

Good Morning to all my friends I hope you all had a great nights rest and your ready to face the day! I am sitting here with my cup of coffee enjoying the sounds of baby Noah. It is the quiet before the storm, beckham is still asleep. When both boys  are up and going it is mad chaos. Mad chaos that I love and would never change. Today we will run errands, tailgate for the Delta State game and the attend papa’s birthday party. Sunday we will attend church, run to grocery store, eat Sunday lunch and then off to Clarksdale for my brothers birthday party. We have been going non stop with football games, presidential inauguration events, baby showers, church gumbo dinner, habitat for humanity soup lunch, commissioned art paintings, the list goes on and on… Whewwww. So this time is very nice, just what I needed to start my day.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because we all need to change what we say/think. Instead of saying I HAVE to say I GET to. Be glad that you are capable and can do these things. Some people have physical disabilities that make it hard to enjoy life but they do their best. What if you were blind? Deaf? Paralyzed? I am so thankful that I can physically hold a paintbrush, hear my boys laughter, see the smiles on others faces. Be thankful that you are capable. For those of you with disabilities I applaud you for continuing your life in an upbeat manner. A few of us can learn from your positive attitudes.

So go out, enjoy the day and be thankful for your crazy ass circus of a life!



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