How did I get started into this life……..

Lets see here, I started my way of life in 6th/7th grade, somewhat. As I told you before my mom taught me about calorie counting. Exercise was a little different. I always played sports when I was younger so there was no need in exercise. In 11th grade I quit playing basketball so I started getting a little chubby. When softball or cheerleading would come around I would trim back down but not nearly as much as I would have if I was playing basketball. In college I kept a pretty good check because I was so busy and playing intramurals. So I really got started after I got engaged to Russell. I can remember being in the gym and staring down at my hand and thinking about all the people staring at me on my wedding day! I wanted to look good and feel good, Major motivation!!! Afterwards, my motivation came from my husband. He has always worked out. He works his ass off and his 6 pack can show it. A little bit of me hates him 😉 I worked out because he did and I started to like the feeling of how good I felt afterwards. Over the years we did P90x together and other workouts here and there. We play racquetball, run, insanity,just whatever when we have time to do it together. It is a lot of fun for us to exercise together, good bonding time. Plus, you never want to quit with someone else staring at you! 😉 I do owe it to Russell because he exercised and was fit, I wanted to be as well. Running started because of a goal I set for myself. I saw a St. Jude 5k in Memphis, TN that I wanted to run. So I set a goal to complete it. I asked Russell for help and he ran some with me to help me get use to it. I ran and completed it. I had so much fun that I wanted to do it again and again. So I did! And since I try and live this healthy way of life, the best I can.

I have run a good bit of 5k’s (3.1 miles) now and just ran my first 10k (6.2 miles) at the end of september. Man, it was hard as hell, I was dyeing at mile 5. Russell kept saying pick up your feet, they are scratching the ground. To which I replied, Piss off, hahaha – I was soooo tired that I could barely pick up my feet that last mile. Of course I apologized for being a hateful bitch later….6 miles will do that to you ;). Anyways 5/6 miles are becoming a little easier, the 13 miles is crazy scary but I made the goal to run it and so I shall – especially with all you guys watching me..ha ha- now I can’t back out – damn! Russell will be running it as well but he will finish in under 2 hours, not I! My goal is just complete the damn thing, no pace/time worries here! I am not a runner by any means. I run because I like what it does for my body! I am not as fast as others and it takes me longer to build up on miles but to me it is about crossing the finish line without stopping..not about how fast I did it!

I have around 7 girls running it now so I am pretty pumped that we will all be doing it together! We will be blood sisters after a 13 mile run together. Anybody in the area and want to join in please feel free. Race is in Greenville in February! I can give you the running schedule to build you up. Right now everyone runs on their own during the week and then Saturdays will be our long hauls together. This saturday will be  5 miles, Ashley may kill me, she has only run 4 miles before, I told her 4.5 but plan on pushing her the other half mile.  Everyone else is building up their miles right now so that they can hang with us on the long runs. They will be joining us soon enough! Right now just to get everyone okay with running that many miles our plan is to run 4 miles, walk 1 mile, run 4 miles, walk 1 mile, then run the rest. If it is race day and we want to run those 2 miles of walking instead, we will! The task doesn’t seem as daunting when you say okay I just have to run 4 miles and then I can walk….trickery of the brain! Then at the end your are like holy crap I just ran this many miles! I trick myself all the time!  I am hoping the girls will run in the Mississippi Warrior Dash in the spring as well.

Running may seem horrible to you. It did to me! Over time it has gotten better and I enjoy it more the better I get at it. Now, would I rather sit on the couch and veg out? HELL YEAH! But I don’t! I say in my mind running is just as fun as sitting out the couch! I motivate myself by telling myself I really enjoy – which I do after I finish. I feel so much better – physically and mentally I can feel a change! So don’t be scared of trying to run, it takes time and practice. You won’t be able to run 1 or 2 miles the first day you start running, you have to build up! You can do it! Start by running the farthest you can and then walk 1/2 or 1/4 a mile, then run the farthest you can, walk, run, walk. Then you can start going longer on the run and less on the walk. Give yourself what you need…AND THAT IS A GOOD WORKOUT with EATING HEALTHY! Try it just for a month and I promise you will see a change physically and mentally! I hated exercising and eating healthy too but now I will never go back to that lifestyle! I feel way to good to stop!

So go out today and try to run a little. I use to could speed walk faster than I ran, but running is going to burn more calories and get your heart rate up more. Be proud of yourself if you run, no matter how far! At leat you ran, right??? At least you are doing better than  you did yesterday! TRY IT! Don’t be a whiny baby! Change your life NOW, not next week, or next month – TODAY! Make the change today for a better you tomorrow! I BELIEVE IN YOU AND KNOW YOU ARE A STRONG ENOUGH WOMEN THAT YOU WILL SUCCEED AND MAKE THIS WORK!


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