No gym? Here is a quick leg/ab/cardio work out

Do these 7 below straight (back to back) then take a 90 minute rest and do them again and take a 90 second break. Keep doing this until you have done this circuit 5 times.

Run in place for 60 seconds as fast as possible
Bicycle Abs 25 forwards, 25 backwards
Jumping jacks for 50
Squats 25 each leg
Jump rope 60 seconds
Heels to the heavens** 25
Lunges 25 each leg

**Heels to the heavens – lay on back, legs at 90 degrees (heels and ball of feet are facing toward the sky) lift your butt off floor by using your abs and then lower back down so that your heels are going up towards the sky and back down, legs stay straight)


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