Are you the girl drooling in the cupcake aisle?????

This story just cracks me up……My mom was very tiny back in the day..size 3/4. Da Da Dummmmmm…then what happened…3 kids with c-sections. ha Also, my mom and dad weren’t extremely wealthy as we were growing up so food was one of the culprits of the weight gain. Why? Eating healthy is expensive,NO REALLY it is. Go see the difference…why do you think a lot of lower socioeconomic people are chubbier? They eat sloppy joes, tacos, and so forth, you can feed a lot of people on a low-budget with that sort of stuff.

Now we had big meals but my mom might have eaten more mashed potatoes or cornbread, filling up because meat is so expensive. Another reason she gained a little weight, Nobody to help her. My grandparents lived in Alabama so I only saw them a handful of times a year and the other set lived an hour away and was pretty much selfish. She had no one to keep the kids while she exercised. Also, lets face it, exercise was not a priority in the 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s…especially in the south. It just in the past several years gotten to where most everyone tries some form of exercise. All those together equals, ding ding ding you guessed it – a few extra pounds. Wait there is one more thing…my  mom has a hypothyroidism problem so it is extra hard to lose weight. So the world is against her…but she never stops the fight. It may come and go but at some point she always gets her mind right! She is back and going now and has lost more weight. When we both started this together back in the day, she lost so much weight – I can’t tell you how much, because she would rip my face off. I am already probably going to die a slow death for telling you the story above and below…wish me a fast painless death please.

Anyways, back to the story, she was grocery shopping HUNGRY! Never grocery shop hungry! EVER! DO YOU HEAR ME, EVERRRR! You will come home with so much that you weren’t planning to buy! I have done it several times, oh sure I will take some Oreo’s, oh a bag of chips, just one thing of this, one thing of that and boom you could feed an entire army!  She was walking through the bread aisle, with white donuts, ding dongs, and of course every other white carb that is horrible for you. She stopped and grabbed her bread but then her eye was caught by the glimmer of the white dust on the donuts. She slowly turns her head and pictures eating them with a glass of milk ..she heads over and puts them in the buggy. WAIT she tells herself, put those back you don’t need them. Oh, I only want 1, just 1 and then I will throw the rest away or give them away. NO..Yes..No..Yes…so she is standing in the grocery store having this good vs the bad battle as people walk past her thinking what in the hell. She finally gets the courage to put them down and continues on with the grocery shopping…5 aisles over she is still thinking about the donuts and has to argue with herself the entire store. I can picture these little angels on her shoulder, a little fat greedy one with white powdered sugar all over her face and a doughy belly, the other one a sweet leaner angel who is holding a glass of water with a smile on her face. She one the battle that day, but being healthy is a battle everyday! Keep that in mind. I can picture her walking through the store having this battle and I just have to giggle because I have been there as well, except mine was a Reese’s.

Now, this story is funny but it is a sad truth for all of us. Haven’t we all had this argument with ourselves?? BUT who lets the greedy little chubby devil win? You have got to have mental power! You have to have your mind straight and set otherwise living a healthy lifestyle won’t work. Those white donuts are really not that good! Would you rather have a Chow cake  or beignets from NOLA over those white donuts, yes! So then obviously they are not the BEST things. I wait for the best things! I am not going to settle for something just okay, or a little yummy! I always ask myself when I take a bite, is it worth the calories??? It better be damn good! So I am picky, especially about carbs that go in my body. that beer better be the most delicious beer ever, or best cake I have ever eaten! Start thinking about how good is it REALLLY? or is it your mind that is tricking you into thinking it is the best thing ever.

A few things to come away with today. Don’t let excuses make you overweight! Be stronger than those excuses. I don’t have a babysitter (umm neither did I?) I did insanity while Noah sat in his chair right next to me and beck would do crunches on the ground with me..harder yes! but I still did it! I don’t have money for a gym (you don’t need a gym – running/walking outside is free and I am slowly posting no gym workouts on here).  Don’t let, I just had a baby or I had a c-section stop you from working out. As soon as your doctor clears you go for it! As for healthy food being expensive, it is what it is…so try to eat skinless chicken breast and instead of white rice do brown rice (if your husband says no, cook it just for you and white for him) and veggies..there are still cheaper ways around it – you may not have salmon but there are cheaper lean meats out there as well.

Never shop hungry and always ask…Is it worth the calories? Stop making food your life! It is gone as soon as you eat it, and you have nothing to show. Being healthier and skinnier is way better than a piece of cake!

Today, make your mind up and be mentally prepared of what is a head of you. Nobody said it was easy! The easy way is to be  lazy by eating like crap and not exercising, and that gets you nowhere!


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