Attitudes can affect everyone around you. If one person in the group has a sour attitude then it puts a damper on everything. Surround yourself with positive encouraging people. You never know when your last day is, do you want to spend it with sour pusses or people who are vibrant. Bad attitudes are contagious and so are good ones so keep that in mind when you have an ugly face with an ugly attitude. If you are smiling and happy that will bounce off to the others around you. Have a TRULY happy attitude, I have seen so many people who have fake smiles on their face and act oh everything is just wonderful when it isn’t. Life isn’t perfect, just as you are not perfect, but try your best to be truly happy. Happiness starts from within. Be happy you woke up, you can physically move without hurting, you can see, hear, smell, touch, you never know when it can be taken away. Learn to enjoy quiet moments with a cup of coffee or a good book. Enjoy the smell of fall and spring, hear the rain on the tin roof, or the giggle of your 3-year-old. All these little things are what make life! Those little things that God gave us are what makes life special. Fancy cars, big houses, bling bling jewelry, designer clothes come and go but the memories you have last forever. Those memories won’t be good ones if you are always unhappy.

Bad attitudes can block you from seeing and receiving all the good around you. Bad attitudes do not help you succeed in life. Not only do they  make you have a miserable life but they piss other people off and in return they don’t want to be around you. So start being positive and be thankful for what you have. In the end material things do not matter, you should be enjoying the day and grateful to be alive. Stop being in pursuit of other things because that starts making a bad attitude. I don’t have a new car, I don’t have this bracelet, or I can’t have this…I, I, I, I, I = selfishness. All those things do not matter, living a simple life will give you happiness. Material things only lead to a brief moment of happiness and then the excitement/newness wears off. So be thankful for what you have, SMILE, and be glad that you woke up this morning!

My mom  found out last week her glaucoma is becoming worse and they are taking the necessary measures to help slow down the process of going blind. She has always said this is the one thing she did not want to lose. She is 62 and vibrant! People always assume she is younger than what she is because she is always smiling (and is always fixed up to the T). She didn’t have the best life growing up but she took those lemons and made lemonade. She made it her goal to have a good life even in the bad times. She is an outstanding woman who many people look up to. I am very fortunate to have her as a friend and mother. It saddens me to know she will lose her eyesight eventually but she is not letting that stop her. She was down the day she found out it had worsened but has since moved on and had a positive attitude. We have even laughed about her living in a cottage behind my house and I will send the boys over to get their little blind grandmother so she doesn’t fall in the pool. My sister-in-law suggested we get her the pig instead of the dog to help lead her around. Lord, can you picture this woman with her platinum blonde hair, pink lipstick running around my back yard with a leash on a pig. My mom always has lipstick on and is always dressed cute! So I will have to set out her clothes for her and put her lipstick on..maybe we can get it tattooed on! I told her we would still go to the beach because she can smell the salt air, feel the cool breeze, and the sand in her toes (she can also taste that frozen margarita, ha). Just because she has bad news doesn’t mean she will stop living her life. I will still take her to experience things because now she will experience them in a new way. Bad news won’t stop her from living the life she has. She will go through with a positive outlook and a smile on her face.

Learn from my mom and appreciate every moment. In the blink of an eye things can be taken from you. Do you want those last moments to be sour ones with no one around you? change now! Be a better person! Be happier and grateful for everything!



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