So proud of my dear friend

Well, this morning was the St. Jude Turkey Trot. I was training for the 10k hoping to finish in a faster time than my first 10k I ran 6 weeks go. Sadly, 4 weeks ago my knee started popping and Dr. Smith has been watching my meniscus. It was popping and hurting earlier this week but  finally I had a break through! I ran today 3.1 miles with no problems! So now this coming week I will start training for my first half marathon (More on this in a minute).

My sweet friend had gained a little weight when pregnant. We started in July watching calories and exercising. I’m so proud of her, she is looking AMAZING and you can see how much happier and better she is feeling now. Well, today she ran her first 5k and ran it in 34 minutes! A breakthrough for her, she had been running a 15 minute mile! Today during our race I pushed her and reminded her she had run 4 miles a few days earlier. She was amazed that first off she ran a race but that she had run it in that time. She has been so nervous and now she wants to do another! I tell her to treat herself to something like a new outfit or new running gear but not food! As I told her before we are not dogs! So I convinced her and 5 more girls to run the Mississippi River marathon (half) in February. The marathon starts in Arkansas and ends in Mississippi, of course you are running over the MS River as well. We are all half marathon virgins so it will be fun doing it together. Also, this is an awesome race. I will attach the link if anyone is interested! When do you ever get to run in two states in a race???? Not often!

Anyhow, she kicked ass and took names today! She is creating a new life for her and her family. I am so proud to say she is my friend. She is determined and such an inspiration to women. She gained some weight and is getting it off in the HEALTHY way! No diet pills or gimmicks, just the good ole way!  She is already halfway to what she wants to be and she looks like an entirely different person. This weight is going to stay off because she is determined and she is learning how to actually eat right. Ladies, diet pills are not the way to go. They give you mood swings, sleepless nights or make you get up early. You drop weight so fast you get stretch marks, as soon as you stop taking them you get crazy cravings so you eat and eat because nothing is suppressing your appetite anymore, so you blow right back up and you usually gain all the weight you lost plus an extra ten. You did all of this yo-yo weight loss/gain so more stretch marks, it didn’t teach you how to eat healthy and maintain your weight, and you spent a lot of money to mess up your heart and metabolism. Please learn now and do not resort to these. I know it’s fast and easy but it isn’t a good decision whether long term or short term. Please just count your calories by keeping a food journal and doing exercises. Food is not your life, you can be so much more. Once you eat food it is gone, nothing left… why put so much importance on it??? It is great to have a nice dinner but it isn’t the only thing in life. Start changing the way you think about food and your relationship with it. Start making your mind and palette enjoy fresh healthy foods. You will eventually start to enjoy these foods and hate eating unhealthy foods when you splurge. So go out and obtain a goal you thought you couldn’t because I have faith in you and know you can do it! Start by running a 1/4 a mile and the rest then build up to running a 1/2 mile, small goals lead you to your big goals. I will post some running guides that I have done for a few people that may help you as you find you way into running.

Well, I want to leave you with this. Tomorrow is a new day. Go out and achieve something that you thought you couldn’t do! Work towards a goal! Be a better you!


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