You’re going to hear me ROAR……katy perry

Well Katy Perry has created the perfect song to give us the confidence that we all have deep in us. If you haven’t heard this song, please listen to it. I have added it to my workout play list because I feel so empowered listening to it. She’s right,  knock me down and my ass is right back up again…You are going to hear me roar – and I will get louder and louder! Nothing will make me feel less than what I am. You should think this and say it in your mind when any type of struggle comes up. It is hard making yourself happy, it is hard making yourself eat healthy, it is hard exercising, it is hard being a mother,wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt – life is hard! So take it by the horns and send it off in a different direction. Life is too short to spend time being unhappy over silly things and feeling down on yourself. Oh poor me, my life sucks, pity party. I bet if you look around and start talking to others you might just find out some things that make you think your life isn’t so bad after all. We all have struggles little and big but we shouldn’t let that affect who we are and how we act. Try to be a positive person because it reflects onto others.

Do you think it is easy to get right back up again and have confidence in yourself? Hell no! I have confidence because I know I do the best I can do. Sure I screw up  doesn’t everyone! Nobody is perfect! I do the best I can and I am pleased at what all I have accomplished and done! I am a powerful women, just try to stop me! When you have God as your back up you can know anything is possible! You may not have someone who supports you and gives you encouragement but if you listen hard enough you will see that there is a strong presence with his hand on you, just let him help you.

So I leave you with this, when times are hard no matter what the struggle is get up and have a dance party to Katy Perry’s song and scream your lungs out! You will feel like a new women who is ready to take on any challenges that is thrown her way!

Be powerful, happy, and confidant in who you are! You are a beautiful person, very unique and one of a kind!


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