Whats age got to do with it?

Well today was an I love Lucy experience. I took my mom to her first Pilates class, using the reformer. I giggled and giggled while we were toning our bodies. She did all the moves and she eventually got them down pat, though she was funny doing it. Note: anyones first time is an I Love Lucy moment, so don’t let me make you nervous. I asked her a few weeks ago to try it…she asks What is pilattus??? ummm what did you say? Pilates mom, Pilates! LOL. As I was putting the boys to bed I got a text Are you sure I can do this? Just looked it up on internet and I don’t think so. Mom, its fine, trust me. So I prepared the instructor and prepped mom on the class. She actually made it the entire time and did every move, not stopping! I must say I was shocked, impressed, and proud of her. My mom got run over by a truck around 5 years ago, which totally messed her up, she has arthritis as well. Not to mention SUPER clumsy. So I went in thinking okay I don’t know if she can do this and this, but she amazed me and did it all. Watch out, you go girl.

We should all learn from my mom. Today, she stepped outside her comfort zone and tried something new! Today, she defeated her old age and bad joints to push herself beyond. I am just so proud of her for even trying it! Now she likes it and is going to start doing Pilates once a week. This is going to be so good for her! It will help build some muscle to keep her strong as she gets older. A lot of health problems arise from not exercising so all of us young and old can benefit from a workout a day! One of the older women taking Pilates with me doesn’t have to have her back surgery anymore! The doctor was impressed, All because of Pilates strengthening her. Yoga and Pilates are two of the best things you can do for your mind and body, any age can benefit!

No matter your age or physical ability step outside that comfort zone. Try something new! Don’t let a disability or your age stop you! Try something new that you will benefit from! Trust me, you won’t regret trying it! You probably will even feel proud and happy with yourself.




What a SMART woman!

I just finished reading Elizabeth Smarts book titled My Story. Wow, what a story! This young woman was/is so strong, mature, smart, gracious, faithful….the list goes on. I am amazed by her and how she has dealt with the situation handed to her. We should look at her in awe and follow in her footsteps. I want to include a powerful piece from her book below.

“But ultimately, to get better, I simply made a choice.   Life is a journey for all of us. We face trials. We all have ups and downs. All of us are human. But we are also masters of our fate. We are the ones who decide how we are going to react to life.” taken from Elizabeth Smarts book titled My Story (Pick up the book and read, you won’t regret…if you think you have had it hard, you might rethink it….a powerful a story of a strong young woman)

She is so right! We have choices. Those choices can make us or break us, whatever they may be. Decide to make your life a better one. You have the choice and the power to make your life what you want it to be. Don’t let anyone or anything control your life. Be who you want to be! Strive to be a better, stronger, happier woman. Make it a point to not let anyone or any situation change how you would live your life. You only get one life, so make it a good one!

You have the power to make your life what you want it to be!

Creamy pumpkin trifle.. 1 cup=175 calories

Thanksgiving is here and of course it wouldn’t be a holiday without treats! I haven’t tried this yet, been too busy! BUT I have made stuff from her blog before and it has always been quiet delicious! She has weight watcher points listed and calories, and it looks pretty easy to make! Reviews were good as well. If you are watching your weight then this would be great! Please the other people by its taste and it has less than 200 calories per cup, so everyone is happy!!!! Below is the dashing dish link!





You may not see the difference but WE ALL DO!

Do you think celebrities just have a good body because of genetics? Most of the time, no! They all try to eat healthy and exercise to have that fit body we all desire. You never saw the time it took for them to get that body. How do you know that it didn’t take a year or more for them to become who they are. Look at Jillian Micheals, she use to be overweight. Her body took time, she didn’t gain that body overnight. It took months of patience and hard work. It is easier for some because of different reasons…when you can afford to eat fresh salmon for lunch and have the time to grill salmon for lunch it is a little easier to be healthy. Of course, genetics does play a little role in it as well, but we use that as an excuse too much. 

You may not see the difference in what you look like or feel like but all of us do! Change takes time! Getting fit and healthy take time! Don’t give up after only a few weeks, the results will happen if you are truly doing everything that you need to be doing. If you are and still don’t see results then head to a doctor and make them run some test! It could be PCOS, Thyroid, and so on…so go get checked!

Stop making excuses…Well if I had time to exercise or fix healthy food then I would. More than half of us don’t have time! Make it a priority now. This  is the time to take care of yourself! Be patient with yourself and allow your body time to change. It took  you months to gain the weight…so it will take months to lose it. Have tiny goals to help you along the way. Set an overall goal but set smaller ones as well. Example overall goal is to wear a size 10 and drop 50 lbs. Small goals: lose 5 pounds, lose 10 pounds, drop a size, pants are smaller, etc..Please have realistic goals in mind! We all can not have Victoria Secret bodies. Be proud of your body and the changes that are happening with it! Just because you aren’t a size 0 doesn’t mean you aren’t fit or beautiful! Have confidence in yourself and be proud of your body. I know no matter what I do, I will always have curves. My body measurements are like a cartoon! Hourglass for sure! I have large breast, a smaller middle section, and then a baby got back butt/hip area. So I can lose as much as I want but those curves won’t leave me. I wouldn’t change those curves for anything because now I love myself and my body for what it is. God created it for me and I am happy with it! 

Keep trying and be patient! You may not see the change but we all do! You see yourself everyday so the change is harder for you to see. The rest of us can tell when you have lost! So keep it up , know that it will take time, and it will eventually happen for you! I know you are on  your way to healthy body that looks good on YOU!



It’s Thanksgiving next week!

Thanksgiving week is coming up and everyone will engorge their bellies until they can no longer take it. Thanksgiving is ONE day, not an ENTIRE week! When you start eating on Monday and continue throughout the week you are setting yourself up for a major weight gain! The only day I eat what I want is Thanksgiving! After that, I throw it out or give to other people! Why?? Because if it is in your eyesight, you will most likely eat it. Temptation is hard to resist…Put a naked woman in front of a guy and they go bonkers…put a cake or chip/dip in front of a woman and she goes bonkers! You know its true! You will walk by the cake and say just a bite or two, two bites…you walk off, a few minutes later…just two more bites…and then you look down and you have eaten the entire damn cake! So your guilt kicks in and you feel like a lard ass….its okay we have all done it at some point in our lives! Mine was Ms. Chisholm’s Peanut Butter Fudge when I was pregnant with Beck. Russell was like..You ate the entire thing? By yourself? In one day? haha..yep I did!

Resist the urge to go absolutely insane that you have to feel guilty and feel fat! Watch your proportions, have cake,a slice of bread, dressing, and a toddy! Why not it is Thanksgiving! BUT remember it is only ONE day! Friday you should exercise and get back to eating right!

Go ahead and start preparing your head for the challenges that face you next week. If you prepare and plan, you will defeat Thanksgiving week without adding an extra 5 pounds to your butt and stomach! I PROMISE you will feel much better about yourself if you don’t go hog wild! You will actually say to yourself, GOOD JOB! I’m proud of myself! It is one small victory in the start of a new life for you! If you haven’t started….. those small victories are waiting on you! Don’t keep pushing it off! Start now! My girls that I am helping started in July losing weight, the week of July 4th! I wanted that, because I could talk to them about the July 4th holiday and how to not get in a rut! So if you are planning on losing weight, start now! Waiting is only going to add more pounds you have to lose and it may make you not ever really start! Get mentally ready and do this! NOW! ALL FOR YOU! So you can feel better, be better, and do better!

I believe in all of you and KNOW that you can all do this! Make a better life now!

HERE WE GO! Wish us luck!

SOOOO we started training for the half-marathon last week…..so far so good! HA, 1 week down, 12 more to go! I really like Hal Higdon’s training schedule, I was looking and found the best reviews on his. Then Russell comes home the same day… with the same training schedule, when we were doing our 10k. So I thought, okay if Russell picked it then I knew it was good. So we both decided to use him for the half as well. Then I started talking with a new friend of mine who tries to run at least one half a year, she loves his training guide. She has tried different ones in the past and she said they had her over training. The weeks are not crazy like I was thinking they would be. Some days you just go for a 2 or 3 mile run and others you do cross training. The weekends are the hard runs but we have a list of girls running together so it definitely helps make the mileage easier!

Russell got me a new Garmin watch to keep track of my pace, miles, calories, and total time. I LOVE IT! He also surprised me with two new running shirts..I know…look at him go!! I was very surprised and impressed..good colors and good sizes! So now I am all cutesy for my runs which make me feel better when I run…NO REALLY! Good running clothes make all the difference! I PROMISE, spend the money and you will be ever so grateful. As for the girls….here is your new best friend, especially if you have a larger chest like me! They are called Moving Comfort Juno Sports Bras – can get on amazon, fleet feet, and other running/workout gear places. They are 50$ a pop, but I will NEVER wear another sports bra again. I can adjust the straps (without them digging into my shoulder), the material is like a dri fit which is a nice smooth texture, and you can adjust the size around as well. They are a little tricky getting on and off, but I LOVE THEM!

I love the nike dri fit racerback tank in a larger size! Of course it is getting cold so I am trading those in for dri fit long sleeve shirts and a dri fit headband to cover my ears! I always wear tight capri pants when I run so I don’t have to worry about my shorts riding up!

As for shoes – get you a good pair you are comfortable in! I roll my ankles, so I need support! I am checking out a new running shoe because of my I.T Band and cartilage issues…I have heard great reviews on a shoe. Brand is Altra zero drop running shoes..for men and women. They have a few different types, so you have to read which one is for you. That will be my next purchase as far as running shoes. Once I do, I will let you know what all the hype is about!

So wish me luck in the coming weeks as I make my way to the 13 mile finish line. I WILL finish this and help the girls with me meet their goal! I know deep down, we all can do it!! We just have to dig deep!

Does it all matter????

Russell, gets irritated with me because he says I have a weird outlook. (I think he just hates hearing about me linked with death) I say to myself and others, Does it all really matter? If I die tomorrow it won’t matter. Whatever I worried and stressed over today, won’t mean a thing the next day if I am dead or dying. Well, it’s the truth! I use this for different things in my life.

I wear the clothes I wear because I LOVE fashion, I don’t wear them for anyone else and I don’t wear them just because they are name brand. If you don’t like my outfit don’t look at me. I wear what I wear because I enjoy it. I’m building a house FOR MY FAMILY and no one else. I drive a car I can trust to get me from point A to point B. I don’t care what you think. I don’t care if you think my furry boots look ridiculous or the car I drive isn’t cool. I worry about me and not about what every one else thinks because in the end IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Half of what I do doesn’t matter. What I am wearing doesn’t matter. What I eat doesn’t matter.  The car I drive doesn’t matter. Where I live doesn’t matter. The list can go on and on. All these material items and the stuff we place big importance on all do not matter. We will all be dead one day and the stuff we have focused on will become trash or someone else stuff. Someone else will live in my house, my sons wives will have my jewelry, and so on. It all doesn’t matter. So why place so much importance on things that can’t go with us? 

Why do I worry? Because it all doesn’t matter! In the end all the stuff I worried and stressed over won’t matter. 

Stop worrying about the next item you can get or a problem that can’t be fixed. Enjoy each and every day that you have! You never know when it could be your last. Do you want your last day filled with worry, anger, jealousy, and so forth. NO! Whenever you are upset or wanting something so desperately ask yourself this question, Does this matter? In the end am I really going to be thinking about this? These questions will help put it in perspective for you.

Go out today with a positive attitude! All the things you are worrying about, will end up okay!  If they don’t end up okay right now, it eventually will. I promise you won’t be worried about the things that haunted you on this earth in the end of your life! Worrying does absolutely nothing, so go out and enjoy your life! God has given this to you, so enjoy it and make the best of bad things that have happened and that are going to happen!