Happy Halloween everyone, (I guess I should say to me, because I am wondering who the hell is actually going to read this)

I thought a perfect way to start this blog is with a story. I grew up in the Mississippi Delta where food is a huge deal! My dad expected beans, cornbread, meat, potatoes, dessert, and sweet tea at every meal. I look back now and think how in the hell did my mom do all of this? Who the hell has time to make all of this from scratch, while teaching high school all day and having three children. More power to ya sister! My dad is quiet large around six five, size 15/16 feet, and muscular (he is a contractor). Now my mom is only five fourish. I received my dads height (I’m five seven) and his feet (10 1/2). Our feet are so big they are like water skis. Which is probably how my dad and uncle use to barefoot water ski. Anyhow, growing up on southern food is a great thing and a bad thing. We always congregate around good southern food and my family has always focused on food. We always sat down to a home cooked meal and talked about the day. That is a southern tradition that I love and continue with my children.   Anyways, the food is just so comforting but I started realizing eating this way every night can not be a reality, unless you are my dad who burns thousands of calories a day. Even then, I believe the heart would scream “what in the hell are you doing to me”. So now my family eats lean meats during the week, veggies, good carbs, and unsweet tea or water. The weekend we eat more of our southern food especially after Sunday morning church. I believe it a little moderation goes a long way! I feel that this teaches my children to love all different types of food and how to control their diets.  I am passing this on from my mom, who in sixth/seventh grade started me and her on a 1,500 calorie diet and walking. We both dropped dramatically just from simple changes and writing down the calories we consumed in a diary. That taught me how to keep a check on my weight. Today, I still aim for 1,500 calories a day unless I need more calories to exercise at high intensity such as insanity or running miles after miles. I feel that 1,500 is a good for me, it may not be for you.

Anyhow, tonight as your children come home with gobs of yummy candy remember control. Do not eat so much candy that you feel sick and guilty after eating it OR eat so much that your child has to ask you what happened to it? To which you reply the monsters came in and gobbled it up. Practice self-control – also, remember out of sight out of mind!


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