About You Can Do It

“Be better, feel better, do better”

Hey Y’all! Thanks for visiting my blog! I married Russell Gainspoletti in 2006 and we have three boys together. I am an artist and an e-learning art educator (I teach through an interactive video to 14 different schools across Mississippi). I am mix of a city girl and a country girl. I love traveling, anything outdoors, being with family, and enjoying new experiences. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Rivers Gainspoletti

This blog started due to request from several people around me to help them be better. We started in July 2013 and the quest has been so satisfying. The smile that appears on a face I have helped makes me want to try and motivate as many people as possible to live a better life. Several years ago a friend suggested I start a blog….WHAT? I said, YEAH RIGHT. As she puts it I say things that are off the wall and crazy funny, I am realistic, and know what it takes to get down to a good healthy size. So here we go, I’m not promising anything!

Stop downing yourself and start lifting yourself up. You control  your happiness, no one else. So start today eating healthier, exercising, and having a better attitude. Be grateful that you are alive and stop complaining about things that have happened to you in the past. It is the past for a reason. Learn from it and move on. You are the only person who can change yourself physically and mentally. Be strong and have above all have faith in yourself. If you constantly down yourself you will never succeed. Nobody is perfect. I try to be healthier by eating right and exercising but I am not going to freak out about having a beer or a dessert! I have to enjoy my life while being healthy! So no I am not a perfect size 2 and I like it like that! That is unrealistic for me. I am a working mom who is sleep deprived and depends on food to give me energy. I am finally back in my size 8 jeans. A size 8 may not seem small to you – but size 8 is a great fit size for me! I am happy with this size and it is very realistic for me! I had baby number 3 in April 2015. So I had to lose the weight three times…..you moms know how that is, especially c-section moms.   I am a realistic woman here, with realistic goals, recipes, and exercises! Follow me and help to change your life.

*This blog contains eating plans, exercise routines, and mental motivation. Please consult with your physician before you try anything. I am not a dietician or physical trainer. I am a motivated busy mother and wife who knows what works for me, I am simply giving you what works for me. I put two and two together – exercise that fits my body with  sensible meals. I am never on a diet, I consider this a lifestyle change. I also have a sailor mouth, so be advised.

14 thoughts on “About You Can Do It

  1. Found your blog through another one I follow. Love the idea behind your blog and I look forward to reading your posts 🙂 Congrats on baby #3!! Yay!

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